Exploring the Incredible Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

Derek Galon and Margaret Gajek are home and garden aficionados of a very unique breed.

They have decades of art photography, art history and research expertise between them, sharing a love of fine architecture and landscaped gardens. They’ve also devoted much of their lives to traveling the world in search of the most unusual and spectacular creations made by mankind.

In their latest book, Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean, – they turn their considerable talents on to some of most beautiful gardens in the world – they’ve uncovered some of the greatest botanical treasures people will ever experience in the Eastern Caribbean.

Open up the pages and they’ll let you experience the sumptuous eye-popping adventure tour of the most colorful and lush gardens in the eastern Caribbean. You get to see up close and personal the exquisitely landscaped properties on a number of selected islands of the West Indies: from the big Barbados, lush Grenada, and St. Lucia, to the smaller and less visited St Vincent.

They take great pleasure in sharing what they’ve learned about the diversified life-styles exemplified by a range of home gardens: From small, humble backyard gardens in villages of the Caribbean, to heritage houses with extensive landscaped gardens, to fascinating botanic gardens, to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and finally, to amazing, vast exotic gardens created by renowned landscape designers. It’s a display of fascinating samples selected from the wealth of styles and plants abounding in the region.

Here are samples of 28 fascinating gardens they selected from the incredible spectrum of abounding in the region.

Montreal Gardens, St. Vincent Island

An easy 30 minute ride by taxi or a tour minibus from Kingston, capital of this island.

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