Adventure cruise specialist Cruceros Australis announces the unveiling of its new ship, the Stella Australis. Set to launch in December 2010, the Stella was commissioned in celebration of Cruceros Australis’ 20th anniversary.

The Stella will have a capacity of 210 passengers luxuriating in 100 cabins, each 177 square feet. Guests can choose between cabins with a large double bed or two twin beds. For those seeking roomier accommodations and larger beds, superior cabins are available. Cabin highlights include picture windows, independent climate controls, private bathrooms and a satellite phone.

Travelers will enjoy five decks featuring three lounges, an exercise room and a dining room, as well as a spacious deck allowing for unobstructed views of the spectacular scenery.

The Patagonia Deck, the first deck, includes a galley and the Patagonia Dining Room, which has a number of tables that can accommodate groups of four, six and eight people.

The Magallanes Deck, the second deck, includes a reception area and a gift shop where guests can purchase a variety of equipment for expeditions. The cabins on this deck feature large picture windows that are more than three feet wide and four feet tall.

The Tierra del Fuego Deck, third deck, includes the Yamana Lounge that will have a bar and a game room. The cabins on this deck feature slightly larger picture windows that are nearly five feet wide and five feet tall.

The Cabo de Hornos Deck, fourth deck, includes the Sky Lounge. The cabins on this deck feature even larger picture windows that are more than five feet wide and nearly six feet tall.

The Darwin Deck, fifth deck, includes the Darwin Lounge, bar and fully-equipped gym. The gym has glass panels so that guests can enjoy incredible views while working up a sweat. The three lounges- the Sky Lounge, the Darwin Lounge and the Yamana Lounge- are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment for educational presentations throughout the voyage.